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Get beautiful, dark cabinets!

Black, espresso, and other dark cabinets are one of the most popular kitchen trends for 2015.

Whether you’re looking to switch up the look and feel of your home for yourself, or are looking to increase your home’s value and get it ready to sell on the market, dark cabinets are a top choice.
However, there are usually two main problems that arise in regards to dark cabinets.

  1. Chips and scratches are more prominent on darker finishes
  2. You already have lighter wood or white painted cabinets installed, and repainting or refinishing is too costly!

Luckily, we can solve both of these problems!

Repairing chips and scratches on dark wood.

Refinishing is more cost-effective than refacing cabinets and can restore chipped and scratched cabinets to a brand-new look. Our cabinet refinishing process is as quick and non-invasive as we can make- you don’t even need to empty your cabinets! And in most cases, we’re done in as little as one or two days. Refinishing is an excellent choice for those who are planning to sell their home as well, as this affordable upgrade can drastically improve the value of your home.

We begin by removing the worst of the old finish that’s been embedded with years and years of dirt and grease, and clean it down to a smooth surface. Next, we skillfully match the existing stain to create a seamless finish. To us, this is an art form in itself. No need for that out-dated clear coat to be added, because our formula already includes properties which protect your cabinets from future scratches for years to come. It is available in finishes ranging from satin to high gloss, and maintaining your newly refinished cabinets couldn’t be any easier.


Transform your existing cabinets into rich, dark toned cabinets.

No matter the surface of your existing cabinets, stained wood, painted, etc., we can transform them into beautiful dark tones, either by painting or re-staining. You can rest assured that your cabinets will look beautiful for years to come. The results are astounding, and by also replacing your cabinet’s hardware, you can completely change the look and feel of your room for a fraction of the cost of replacing or refacing your cabinets. Contact us for a free consultation.

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