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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Save Money
1/2 the cost of full service cabinet painting.
DIT is Fast
2 week turn around time using our step-by-step system.
DIT is Easy
We do the majority of the work, at our location! Our videos show you exactly how to do the rest.
Let's DIT
Let's DIT - Do it together When you want to transform your kitchen and save money

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Pick your paint

You can choose your own paint color for your cabinets. However, we will recommend the correct brand, type, and amount of paint, as well as where to purchase it. By purchasing through our partners, we can offer you a discount on premium quality paint.

Remove doors and drawer fronts

Schedule a time for us to come pick up your door and drawer fronts before you begin removing them. We will give you access to a tutorial video on how to remove your cabinets doors and drawer fronts. NOTE: Please ensure that all pieces are removed and properly labeled before our arrival.

Pick up

We will then come pick up your cabinet doors and drawer fronts at the scheduled time. We will also take with us one gallon of the paint that you have purchased. This is to ensure that we are using the exact same paint and color. At this time, you will be given access to our series of tutorial videos showing you how to complete your project. There is no need to remove dishes or your cabinets- simply follow the process provided for you via our tutorial videos!

You paint the cabinet boxes

We understand that our clients live busy lives, and that most people can only paint on the weekends. Therefore, we give you two weeks to paint your cabinet boxes before returning the painted cabinet fronts.

We bring back the completed doors & drawer fronts

After two weeks, We return your completed items to you. At the time of delivery we will go through and inspect them with you to ensure nothing was damaged in transit. Afterwards simply follow our tutorial video on how to reinstall your doors and drawer fronts.
Cabinet Painting
Do it Together Kitchen cabinet painting

Sound Finish Spray Shop Process


Grime and dirt builds up over time, so cleaning is very important to ensure a long lasting finish. Painting over any dirty surface greatly compromises the paint adhesion, so we go to great lengths to thoroughly clean all surfaces.

Fill and sand

We fill nicks and dings caused from years of wear and tear. We then sand to smooth out any imperfections and ensure adhesion quality.


We then spray two coats of primer to the cabinet doors before painting. Primer is the essential undercoat that initially adheres to the surface, it also contains stain blocking properties.


Finally, two coats of paint are sprayed on your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. We do this in a climate controlled spray booth to ensure a quality finish.


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