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Keep your refinished cabinets in top shape – it’s easy!

An important factor to consider when getting your cabinets refinished is what to expect as far as maintenance. After all, you want this work you’ve had done to look it’s best for as long as possible.

Luckily, up-keep is remarkably simple when you get our cabinet refinishing. Once your cabinets are refinished, just follow these simple instructions to ensure that they look great for years to come:

drawers-after1. DO NOT use abrasive cleansers, wax-based products, oil, or oil-based soaps – such as Murphy’s®, Liquid Gold®, Old English®, lemon oils or citrus oils on refinished cabinets. Your cabinets or other refinished surfaces are protected by their original finish and strengthened by our finish.

2. For refinished cabinets: wipe off the handle areas every month or two. Wipe entire surface yearly with a damp cloth or vinegar mixed with water (if necessary).

3. For refinished paneling, baseboards, doors and door frames, wipe off yearly with same solution as cabinets(vinegar mixed with water). In between annual cleaning, a light vacuuming of the ledges will remove any dust.

4. Scratches – While no refinishing treatment can entirely prevent new scratches, if you will follow the above instructions, your woodwork will shine and remain beautiful for many years to come. If you need scratches touched up and are past our 5 year warranty, call us for our very reasonable touch-up rates.

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