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Stage Your Home Like a Pro with These 6 Easy Ideas

Shorten the time your home is on the market by incorporating the staging guidelines used by the pros:

Staged Dining Room Table and Kitchen

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of a home buyer. Imagine an agent has just arrived at your front door to show a buyer around your property. While they look for the right key to open the door, their client is looking all around the entryway, gaining their first impressions of the home. Go outside and take a good look from where they will be standing. Don’t overlook any detail. Are there cobwebs in any corners? Grime on the door or side of the home? If you have a welcome mat, is it looking old and weathered? Address any issues before listing your home. Repeat this exercise from the street, what does the buyer first see when they pull up and park for a showing?
  2. Ensure that buyers are able to travel effortlessly through your home.Buyers should be able to walk from one room of your home to another without running into a piece of furniture or fixture. Do you find yourself walking around a piece of furniture in order to get from one side of a room to the other? Move or take out those pieces of furniture, or in the case of an over-sized dining table, switch it out with a smaller one more suited for the space.
  3. Add mirrors. Mirrors have the ability to make practically any room look larger. It is also believed that when people see their own reflection is has positive subconscious effects, and allows buyers literally see themselves in your home.
  4. Leave Closets Half Empty Storage space is a major motivator for buyers. By leaving closets half full, you’ll give the impression of ample storage space throughout the home.
  5. Effortlessly Style Your Coffee Table When designing the top of your coffee table, start with a large statement piece in the middle such a floral arrangement in an interesting pot or vase. Then pad out both sides with a small stack of art books, some candles, or a small figurine. Make sure the appearance flows and that no one item sticks out.
  6. Set the table. The kitchen and dining room is main hub of activity in a home, so it is essential to make these areas shine. Set the table as though for a dinner party to make for a wow factor when buyers walk in and see your dining space.


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