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Kitchen Updates are Key to Increasing Home Value

To maximize the value of your home, kitchen updates are key. Here are some of the most cost-efficient ways to update your kitchen and get a high return on investment.

Update Select Appliances

clean-staged-painted-kitchenYou don’t necessarily have to shell out thousands when updating appliances in your kitchen. When showing your home, you will want to store the majority of your appliances anyway in order to reduce clutter on your counter tops, so replace only the items that will be visible during a showing, such as a stained or rusted sink, or aged microwave.

Paint or Refinish Cabinets – Don’t Replace

Replacing and/or refacing cabinets is one of the most costly upgrades a seller can make in their kitchen, and unless the cabinets are not in sound condition, they are the most unnecessary. By having your cabinets painted or refinished, you can achieve great results and reap the same increase of home value, for a fraction of the cost.

Bring Some Green in From Outside

If you have a garden, instead of purchasing a bouquet from the store to display on your kitchen table or counter top, prepare an arrangement from what is already available to you. Displaying fresh-cut flowers or freshly harvested fruits or vegetables provides great visual impact.

Examine the Lighting

No prospective buyer wants to visualize themselves eating or preparing food in the dark, so ensure that your kitchen and dining area is well-lit. Replace any old light bulbs with brighter, more energy efficient models, and consider updating older light fixtures. Don’t forget to turn on the lights and open the curtains before any showing.

Don’t Neglect the Inside of Your Cabinets

There’s no way around it: potential buyers are going to open up and look inside of the cabinets and cupboards. Take the time to organize them, and place as much as you can in storage. The same goes for the pantry. If a buyer sees that these areas are overstuffed or crowded, they will get the impression that there isn’t enough storage space in the home. If there are items that you still need, but take up valuable space, consider keeping them in a box hidden on a high shelf in a closet during showings.

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