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Home Staging Tips for Summer

summer-patioSummer is in full swing, and it’s a great time to take advantage of the nice weather to prepare your home for market. Here’s some home staging tips to make your house look its best during the summer months:

Take full advantage of the bright weather and work on your curb appeal.

Summer is a great time to incorporate pops of bright color into your home staging. Potted pants at the front entrance, and colorful throw pillows on a porch chair are a great way to do this. Make sure your lawn is mowed and maintained, and any gardens look neat and tidy, not overgrown or full of weeds. Power-wash your patio and your homes exterior, and consider having your driveway and sidewalk professionally cleaned or repaved.

Don’t overlook outdoor living areas.

During the summer, buyers are particularly interested in the outdoor areas of your property, especially the backyard, so it is essential to make these areas look inviting during this time. Make sure any outdoor seating is clean and doesn’t look worn out- those old plastic lawn chairs may need replacing. If you have any children, make sure any outdoor toys are neatly stored away.

Brighten things up indoors.

Let the sun work for you by drawing your curtains back and letting the natural light in. Consider replacing dark, heavy drapes with curtains or linens that are light in both weight and color.

Bring the outdoors in.

Have a garden? Create a countertop bouquet using cuttings from blossoming trees or flowers you have grown. The inclusion of a herb garden in the kitchen window is also a great way to incorporate some greenery. A bowl of fresh fruit or veggies from the garden looks great on a dining table or kitchen island.

Make any needed repairs.

A buyer doesn’t want to spend time thinking about fixes they will have to make themselves, and each little repair is one more reason for a buyer to turn down your home. Take the extra step and repair any items in your home that are broken, damaged, or not working properly.

Get a second opinion.

When you think you have your home in peak shape and ready for a showing, invite a friend or relative over and give them a demo tour of your home. You would be surprised at the things that you may have missed, such as a dirty light switch cover, a personal item such as a toothbrush accidentally left out, or a better way to arrange items on your bookshelf.

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