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Change your Hardware, Transform your Kitchen.

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Swapping out the hardware on your cabinets is a quick and very affordable way to switch up the look and feel of your entire kitchen. Take the image on the right, for example. Same cabinets; four different handle types.


In most cases, creating contrast between your cabinets and hardware is a sure-fire way to have a visually appealing kitchen. Oak cabinets paired with black handles, or dark espresso cabinets paired with light brass or stainless steel pulls are both prime examples.

However, there are always exceptions. White cabinets can look brighter and cleaner when paired with stainless steel hardware. And white paired with gold creates a luxe, glamorous effect.

Knobs, bars, and pulls

There is a lot of variety in shapes, sizes, and styles of cabinet handles and pulls. But which one is right for you and your kitchen? There is no definitive answer, and a lot of it is up to personal opinion and style. However, take a look around your kitchen, focusing on the shapes and edges. Your hardware should reflect that. For example, if your kitchen is full of rounded edges surfaces, then round hardware will compliment that. Likewise, if your kitchen has a modernized feel, with flat surfaces and square corners, then long bar-shaped pulls may be the perfect fit.

Complete the makeover

New hardware will go to waste, however, if they are slapped onto cabinets that have worn fronts, grease buildup, or scratches. Deep-cleaning and restoring your cabinets is a crucial part of giving your kitchen new life. Contact us for a free consultation on cabinet refinishing.

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