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Why Cabinet Refinishing?

Cabinet Refinishing is a revolutionary breakthrough in the cabinet restoration and refinishing industry. It offers an economical way to permanently restore the natural beauty of your woodwork! Our products and techniques enable us to provide a beautiful, long lasting finish that we can proudly guarantee.

For less than the cost of traditional cabinet restoration, cabinet re-facing or even cabinet painting, we can restore and protect your woodwork. Our process is completed without sanding and without toxic strippers, yet can restore your woodwork with a hard finish that maintains a beautiful shine for many years to come. This process works well with traditionally stained finishes as well as custom-matched pickled, glazed, whitewashed, and painted surfaces.

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The Cabinet Refinishing Process:

1. Clean

We start by meticulously cleaning and detailing your wood surfaces to remove any greases, oils, or smudges left behind by cooking or oiling over the years. We use a pleasant smelling, non-toxic, industrial grade cleaner.

2. Restore

Areas that have been damaged from water, heat, peeling, nicks and scratches are touched up with a color matched stain.

3. Seal

Our proprietary, non-toxic formula bonds to the surface and makes it smooth and easy to clean. This sealant is not sprayed but rather applied by hand and worked into the wood grain. This finish is available in satin, semi-gloss or high-gloss.

Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing

  • Non-toxic finish
  • No unloading of cabinets necessary
  • Easy to Maintain and Clean
  • Less expensive than refacing or even painting! Contact us for free estimates
  • Safe around computers and electronic systems
  • Time saving now - no mess, less disruption in space usage
  • In most cases – 1-2 day's work for a kitchen
  • An excellent protection for new cabinets too.
  • Time saving future - Never oil wood surfaces again, easy cleaning, very little maintenance for many years to come
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    Our Guarantee

    • Includes: Cabinets, paneling, baseboards, doors, door frames and window frames We promise that your final finish will stay as shiny as the day it was originally applied for 1 years - with the following exceptions:
      1. Fire or water damage
      2. Horizontal Surfaces
      3. Smoking in the house
      4. Scratches/nicks
      5. Oiling or Waxing off the finish
    • Interior woodwork treated with the our refinishing system is guaranteed to stay shiny and easy to clean:

      Public areas - 6 month guarantee*

      Paneling, molding and trim - 1 year guarantee* Hotel/Apartment Cabinets - 1 year up-gradable guarantee*

    Cabinet Restoration Care Guide

    Once your Cabinets are refinished, it's easy to keep clean if you follow these simple instructions.

    1. DO NOT use abrasive cleansers, wax-based products, oil, or oil-based soaps - such as Murphy's®, Liquid Gold®, Old English®, lemon oils or citrus oils. Your wood is protected by it's original finish and strengthened by our finish.

    2. For cabinets: wipe off the handle areas every month or two. Wipe entire surface yearly with a damp cloth or vinegar mixed with water (if necessary).

    3. For paneling, baseboards, doors and door frames, wipe off yearly with same solution as cabinets. In between, a light vacuuming of the ledges will remove any dust.

    4. Scratches - While no finish will prevent new scratches, if you will follow the above instructions, your woodwork will shine and remain beautiful for years. If you need scratches touched up, call us for very reasonable touch-up rates.